Sunday, July 20, 2014

Veiled Woman With Spirit Child

Photo Courtesy of Art Quilts by Roberta Baker

Veiled Woman With Spirit Child
24" x 36"
Artist Roberta Baker

"I have an appreciation for the serenity and the sense of the divine that the universe gifts to us when we are open to their presence...I want to imbue my quilts with the feeling of tranquility and a sense of the sacred."

Techniques: "I have recently been using digital images in my work. I use my own photos of nature and masonry; a growing collection of trees, blossoms, water and skies, flights of stairs, walls, temples, sidewalks strewn with leaves, tiled doorways, marbled facades and chipped paint. I have also used photos of completed quilts, both full images and details, which I edit for color and size and then incorporate them into a new quilt."

-Roberta Baker

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